Alexandra Tarce, the young and beautiful actress of the National Theatre

Alexandra is the young actress of the National Theatre whose talent, ambition and perseverance made her name and performances known on the national theatrical landscape. Endowed with these qualities, she managed to open a door that many graduates of  the theatre faculties across the country continue to knock at. Alexandra tells passionately about how she managed to turn one of her aspirations into reality and about the beginning of her career on the big stage in Cluj.

Her passion for theater began in childhood when, with dedication and enthusiasm, she used to learn and rehearse for hours her first roles in the kindergarten plays. “I was in a francophone theatre troupe in high school, a troupe led by Florin Didilescu. We called him Papa Diti, he was like our father. By playing in Amifran (a francophone theatre troupe in Arad) and going to festivals, I discovered that I really liked theater and that was what I wanted to do. ”

Over the years, Alexandra realized that acting is the occupation that is the closest to her heart, so she decided to pursue all the paths of life whose destination is theater. Going with confidence to this goal, immediately after graduating the Faculty of Theatre and Television of the Babes-Bolyai University she became a worthy member of the National Theatre troupe of actors.

“I think I could talk for hours about my student years. However, what I learned the most was how important teamwork is. Everybody works for the show. I learned what discipline is, to be playful and to freely express myself. Before I was hired, I was a student here in Cluj and I used to come at all the premieres and performances of the National Theatre which had been played for many years. Every single time I dreamed of being there on the stage with all the actors.”

The roles that Alexandra performs are diverse and complex: Cyana from the show “Bzzap” by Robert Cohen directed by Razvan Muresan, Ania in “The Cherry Orchard” by Chekhov directed by Roberto Bacci, nun Agnes from “Agnus Dei “John Pielmeier, directed by Catalin Bocîrnea and many more. When preparing for a role, Alexandra follows a series of steps. Firstly, she read the play. Then she investigates the topic, read books, watches movies or looks for inspiration in the day-to-day life and the people she meets.

“It is true that there are few jobs in Romania and it is very difficult for a student to get a work at a national theater. I was lucky. After I graduated, I went to a casting. I received a call the next day and I signed the contract. ”

“If you really want something, it will happen.” This is the motto by which Alexandra is guided in life and that motivates her to overcome her own limitations. Even if she had multiple successful premieres, Alexandra still has emotions every time she plays. She calls them constructive emotions that give her adrenaline. But when she steps on stage, all the emotions disappear because her job dictates her to focus on what she does and what happens on stage.

What happens backstage before and after the curtain is raised is what all the curious spectators wonder. Alexandra did not avoid to share a few little secrets. While backstage before the show the actors put their makeup on, rehearse, make jokes, laugh or sing, then during a show backstage in the atmosphere dominates total concentration.

“The audience in Cluj is very open, educated and exceptional. Every evening the hall is full. The public creates a very special bond between the hall and the stage. This is why I think people should come to the theater for a magical encounter. It enriches them in many ways. ”

The young and beautiful actress loves theater because playing helps her better understand herself, makes her feel free and happy. She compares theatre with a playground where she comes every day with a smile and ready to play.

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