Beatrice Gale – A Millennial’s Business

Beatrice Gale started her business after she finished her degree in Fashion Design in 2012. “I said to myself I should start with something. I didn’t want to work for someone else so I decided to start from the bottom. Thus I started working at home.”

Her room became her small studio. But now she’s changing for the third time the location of her workshop.

She didn’t start with a client, but with her own ideas. She did some collections with a hairstylist – Bianca Pilan, a make-up artist – Deni Iovan, and several photographers from Arad. She collaborated, did many photo shoots, and that was how she started to promote herself on Facebook. And through Facebook she managed to send attires all over Romania.

“It was pretty hard in the beginning. Until I got to know the Romanian marketplace, seeing what was selling, what girls liked, and according to this, I adapted. I kept my style, but I adapted according to the demand,” says Beatrice.

“For a year and a half now I’ve been doing custom clothes.” She enjoys getting to know each person well, and being able to create something special for them. “Some girls already know what they want, but I like that they trust me, and they adapt according to their body shape. And the colours change along the way, or we decide in the beginning according to their skin tone. Even if they want a certain colour I convince them whether it fits them given their skin tone, body shape, etc.”

“I make youthful clothes.” The age of Beatrice’s clients range from 13 to 30. “According to each designer’s style, the clients come.”

She doesn’t have the number of clients in her head, but she says it’s probably over 200. She’s learned her pace, how many clients she can see in a month, and per day. “It depends on the month,” she says. “For example, during the summer I have a lot of work. From spring until summer there are many prom dresses, and that’s when I have a large number of clients. And this winter, to my surprise, there are many civil ceremonies and many birthday parties.”

“Honestly, even though it doesn’t look like it, it’s tiring. Many people think that if you do what you enjoy, it’s not necessarily a job, or work, or something. It’s true that you have satisfaction – there are days in which you feel mega happy, fulfilled and everything goes well, but there are also tough days in which, you just have to get over them, and to always think what is your purpose, what plans you have.” Each year she has a plan, and tries to keep to it.

“You feel very good doing what you like.” Beatrice says that many young peoplr today are focused on doing what they like, the times have changed from “the time of our parents.”

She’s met girls that want to follow the same path, and many of them said that “they want to get at least to where I am. But to me honestly, I’ve never seen myself as having become something wow or something. I am pleased with what I have. And of course, I wish for more and everything, but I’m fulfilled right now with what I have.”

Beatrice’s advice for young people that want to start their business is: “Go to university, do an internship, even though I didn’t do one. I would have liked to.”“Don’t give up. Create non-stop. That’s how new ideas will come.”

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