Gabriel Uifălean – From Volunteer to UN Youth Delegate of Romania.

I met up with Gabriel Uifălean at an event he was invited to, where he talked, as a UN Youth Delegate, about the Sustainable Development Goals, and how they are related to the International Day for Tolerance.

Being involved in all kinds of volunteering activities with various NGOs here in Cluj, and having a passion for History and Politics, Gabriel saw the UN Youth Delegate Program as „another way to get involved to make a change in the society, especially among youth.”


Gabriel at the “Bringing the UN Back Home” in Craiova.

Although he is a very diligent person, who gained a lot of experience during college, he was surprised when he found out he was a delegate, but at the same time he immediately started thinking how he could make the most of it.

One of the first things he did as a delegate, together with the other Romanian delegate, Denisa Bratu, was to go to New York at the UN head quarters. There, they organized two events and they also talked in the plenary of the UN General Assembly, in the Third Committee (Social, Humanitarian and Cultural).

“We felt really welcomed in New York. We were accommodated by the Romanian Mission to the UN, who helped us to do our job as best as possible. They helped us with logistics, information and their experience. We are very grateful for that.


Denisa and Gabriel at the UN’s Head Quarters in New York.

At the UN we had two events. First was about the diplomacy among young people and the way in which they can get involved in diplomacy in the 21st century. The second one was about the involvement of youth in the decisional process in society. Both events had important guests.  The first one was attended by the State Secretary on Problems of Youth and the Romanian Ambassador at the UN, while the second one was attended by people from organizations and agencies of the United Nations.” He recounted while smiling.

The two delegates got back from New York, eager to put in practice everything they learned there,  already doing so through different events.

“We came up with the idea of a campaign called Bringing the UN Back Home, which will go through different cities with. For this, we will organize two caravans that will last a week each, where we would like to reach young people and tell them about our activity and what they can do to build a sustainable future. Besides these, we also plan to do different events, on the Sustainable Development Goals, with different organizations and our fellow delegates from other countries.” Said Gabriel.

The life of a youth delegate, although very exciting, it is also very tiring. You have to attend all kinds of events and fly from one country to another in matter of days. Even so, it is one full of rewards.


Gabriel at a Forum in Geneva.

“My experience as a delegate until now has been a tiring, but a beautiful one. There is a lot of information to process in very little time and I need to learn everything as I go. It was more difficult until I went to New York. Once I got back I had all these ideas about how to make the most of this experience. And this is my advice to young people as well. To be open to everything, to find places where they can volunteer, events to attend, anything interesting they can find. They should try as many things as possible in order to find the one thing they would like to invest time and energy in.” Concluded Gabriel Uifălean

Although he is still at the beginning of his mandate, the young delegate is ready to apply everything he learned, so we wish him, and the other delegate, good luck and we can’t wait to see the result of their work.


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