My last adventure…

The last thing that fits my definition of adventure was my volunteering project through AIESEC in Egypt. Uncertainty. That’s the word that best describes what an adventure means to me. And the exchange was all about that. Actually it was the first time I left Romania. Back then, I had a strange desire to have a break from my normal life, and live another one for a while. And I wanted something that would blow my mind. And it was exactly what I was asking for: uncertainty! I didn’t know what to expect from people, from the streets, from the accommodation place, from the kids that I was working with, from the weather…didn’t know what to expect from me and what I was facing in life on a daily basis there. I loved it so much!

I believe that uncertainties make me grow, they bring me closer to my true self. How can I get to know myself, if I get stuck in circumstances from which I know what to expect next? So thinking about my next adventure, I strongly want to travel again somewhere. To spend some months there and see everything there from big cities to nature. And to simply walk in the streets, to talk with random people and let them surprise me. To grow and find new passions that I didn’t know that I might have.

And the desire to do all of those is bigger and bigger with every word that I write here. And I will make sure that everything will happen. How about you, unknown reader, what will you do on your next adventure?




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