The Perfect Christmas Gift for Me Is…

Posted on December 5, 2016

To me, the perfect gift for Christmas is to be home, with my little sister, mom and dad. Since I started to study in Turda, I have spent all the holidays away from my family. Now I really miss those times. A particular moment that is stack in my mind is when some years ago on Christmas Eve I argued with my mother and refused to join the rest of the family who were dinning around the Christmas tree. IRead More

My biggest regret in life is not using time correctly…

Posted on December 3, 2016

My biggest regret in life is not using time correctly. I feel like I’m always wasting time. I know I am only 21 and I still have time to accomplish things, but the thought that I already missed too much is haunting me, daily. I know that a lot of people struggle with this, however I have the feeling that I do this exceptionally well. Also, I waste my time, because I feel that things I want to do won’tRead More

The most beautiful experience I had so far…

Posted on December 2, 2016

The most beautiful experience I had so far was when I visited the Grand Canyon from USA. I was impressed by the greatness of this natural beauty and it is in moments like these when we realize how small we are in this world. Besides the beauty of this place, I was impressed by the fact that the Grand Canyon has a rich history and they way in which it stood the test of time. This place made me feel anRead More

If I had the chance to go anywhere in this world right now…

Posted on December 1, 2016

If I had the chance to go anywhere in this world right now, I would definitely choose Colombia. I would choose it because of its culture and history, but also because I want to volunteer there to help the people and their community. I would like to spend a longer period of time there so I can learn more about their culture and way of living. Without a doubt it would be the most amazing experience. I really hope thatRead More

When I felt Heaven on Earth…

Posted on November 30, 2016

When I felt Heaven on Earth was when I took a risk and I went on a whim to the mountains. And I went to Retezat and I climbed Peleaga, and I saw the sunset there. And it was one of the most beautiful moments of my life. If everything was possible and I had a magic wand, I would want for every human to find their passion. And to do this in their life. And to be people thatRead More

I want to become a good doctor…

Posted on November 29, 2016

  I want to become a good doctor. I hope I’ll have a chance to do my job, here, in the hospitals of Romania. There’s a lot to be done here. People need help, but so do the doctors and so does the system. I think that if we all work together we can make a change for the better. *WE’D LOVE TO HEAR YOUR STORY AS WELL! LEAVE IT IN THE COMMENT SECTION BELOW!*  

Alua Tebenova – The Painter who Introduces the Kazakh Culture to the Romanians

Posted on November 25, 2016

“If I were to become a colour, I would like to be orange.” With her headphones on, surrounded by jars with coloured water, paint brushes and gouaches, Alua was working on her next painting in one of the studios of the Art and Design University of Cluj-Napoca “My paintings are the means in which I tell the world who I am, what I think and what I feel. Since I arrived in Romania, I started to miss home. You canRead More

Gabriel Uifălean – From Volunteer to UN Youth Delegate of Romania.

Posted on November 24, 2016

I met up with Gabriel Uifălean at an event he was invited to, where he talked, as a UN Youth Delegate, about the Sustainable Development Goals, and how they are related to the International Day for Tolerance. Being involved in all kinds of volunteering activities with various NGOs here in Cluj, and having a passion for History and Politics, Gabriel saw the UN Youth Delegate Program as „another way to get involved to make a change in the society, especiallyRead More